Civils and planning

Our classic projects start with the preparation and planning of cable route studies. We understand that each project is different and requires flexibility in understanding so our team conduct the necessary surveys and geo-tagging. The work we carry out includes:

  • Trenching from shallow water to the beach manhole; and to end at the cable station
  • The burial of cables
  • Ducting
  • Beach and land jointing
  • Installation of System Earthing

Cable awareness

Maintaining data integrity is crucial and we complete the critical cable awareness studies to various stakeholders.

We meet with environmentalists, Municipalities, port authorities, marine / ski boat clubs and other users of the sea to sensitise them of the cable location and the potential hazards that the cable presents. This information is made available to the relevant Cable owner or maintenance authority.

Cable fault risk assessment

Emergency repairs are often necessary, our skills set & availability ensures minimal downtime. This highlights the importance of annual survey cable inspections which we conduct and recommend the appropriate remedial actions. 

Earthing Installations

Earthing installations (Earth Plate & Electrodes) are done by our team of engineers who execute the installation of shore end cables into the beach manhole and complete the termination of the subsea cable into a sea-land joint.

We understand the importance of this process and provide the necessary expertise to ensure quality and safety in all of our projects.

Cable jointing

Our team of engineers are well versed in universal land and beach joints and deliver innovative solutions to repairs and ongoing maintenance. We have pioneered the interim joint solution that reduces down time considerably, saving both time and money.

It is a reflection of our commitment to proving solutions and no matter what, we will come up with the solution. Cable jointing maintenance and repairs includes troubleshooting, splicing and re-sleeving of ducts. 


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