Protection & Stabilisation

TRIGVA provides cable protection and stabilisation along the coast of Africa and is regularly called upon to provide emergency repairs and maintenance to cables that have lateral movement on the seabed or as the cable enters the sea. Our services include bagging, jetting & pinning cables to the reef. We manufacture our own specialised clamps that are used in this procedure. It is critical that the cables are not only protected but also stabilised to maintain their 25-year design life .

Subsea cable maintenance

We employ a team of highly qualified jointers and engineers who attend to emergencies, because we are based locally our response, is what sets us apart.

TRIGVA attends to the repairs and maintenance of cables which includes:

  • Shallow water jointing
  • Splicing and re-sleeving
  • Replacement of shore-end ducts
  • Rerouting of land routes and emergency reburial & protection of cables

Annual survey and visual inspections

Visual Inspection & preventative maintenance is one of our core strengths. We conduct annual diving surveys, mitigate deviations and provide the relevant reporting which includes GPS locations and alter courses if applicable.

Telcos, Consortiums and cable operators recognise the importance of detailed reports and analysis which need to be attended to so that all necessary repairs and maintenance are completed before it becomes a very costly repair exercise.

Cable Installation

Articulated Pipes & Uraduct products are installed by TRIGVA. These allow for the protection of submarine cables as the cable transverses over the seabed, especially where the wave action & swell of the sea acts upon the cable.  This protection system was developed to protect subsea cables from critical elements like abrasion external aggression to the cable.

Cable Analysis investigation & qualification

Failure of cables systems happen due to a number of reasons and the down-time is not only disruptive, but can be costly and also dangerous if left unresolved.

There are a number of factors that come into play and these need to be considered:

  • Marine traffic, fishing vessels
  • Unstable weather conditions & earthquakes
  • Incorrect installation
  • Dredging; which is constrained by the effects of waves and currents

TRIGVA is qualified to investigate the causes of cable failure which includes a detailed analysis & feedback of the damage. We provide this at no additional cost to our clients.


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